Madison Christian School

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Selected from personal emails and letters:
"I wanted to thank you for the scholarship money towards (my children's) tuition at Madison Christian School. I have to work several jobs in order to make ends meet, but it is worth it knowing my kids are being directed towards Christ. (There is) spiritual warfare, with many obstacles in their way (not unlike everyone else). Being a public school teacher, I can say there's a very high academic standard at MCS. So, thank you and I will continue to pray for the school and the church." - Parent Testimonial (2016-2017)  
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"We moved to OH during our son's 8th grade year. He immediately made friends and has continued to develop into a very strong leader. He is graduating this spring and several schools are competing to bring them to their school. We love the staff and the education that has been provided. Excellent choice- Parent Testimonial (2016
"Our daughters have attended Madison Christian since 2001, beginning with Kindergarten and Preschool. It has been our experience that MCS has been consistently forward-thinking in their educational philosophy while still maintaining a family feel. The teachers/staff are relationship-driven with their students, understanding the immense importance of the foundation of their Christian education. MCS teachers go the extra mile in helping students individually achieve their very best within a safe environment for students to academically excel. There is a Christian community at MCS that, as parents, we believe is essential to our daughters' spiritual growth and development. For these reasons, we felt MCS was the perfect fit for our daughters to receive their K-12 education and ultimately graduate successfully to post-secondary institutions." - Parent Testimonial (2016)
"My family and I moved to the area this past year, and both of my children attend the high school at Madison Christian. The teachers at MCS are caring, qualified and involved in the lives of their students, and my children find their academic experience to be rigorous, yet manageable, as both are involved in the extra-curricular opportunities that are available. If you are looking for a Christian school that has teachers who love the Lord with all of their hearts, love the subjects that they teach, and love the opportunity to invest in the lives of their students, then Madison Christian School is the school for you. My family loves it here!" Parent Testimonial (2016)
"I have two children that attend MCS and we love it! The teachers are passionate and they really love the students. They are academically challenging, but the environment is so family-like. The small class size allows teachers the opportunities to give individualized attention when needed. I feel like the teachers KNOW my kids, they aren't just a name on the roster. They have youth sports, as well as middle and high school sports. There are many fine arts and drama opportunities. It's worth every penny!" Parent Testimonial (2016)
"I've really appreciated the small class sizes and the personalized attention by children have received. I'd highly recommend Madison Christian to anyone!!" Parent Testimonial (2016)
"Madison Christian School has been an awesome environment for my 2 children! The teachers are caring and qualified. The school offers a safe environment where they integrate the Bible into every subject. There are many program offerings for my children in academics, athletics, and fine arts. The school has a family feel to it. Everyone is kind and respectful. I can't say enough good things about this school! My kids will be going to MCS all the way through graduation because they have everything we want and need in a great school!" Parent Testimonial (2016)
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"I have been at Madison Christian School since the first grade. It is a very small school; I only have 36 in my graduating class. However, I love the small school experience because you get so close with all of your teachers and classmates...I would definitely choose to go to Madison Christian all over again. I have made relationships with people that will last me a lifetime. I've gotten to learn from the kindest and most caring teachers, and I've gotten to grow in my faith by having the Bible being used in the classroom every day." - Student Testimonial (2016)
"The overall quality of teachers is truly great. They are very interested in our lives as students. There are small classrooms and the teachers really grow relationships with each student...Every teacher is willing to meet one on one with students to help make sure the student understands what is going on in class. As a Christian School we have teachers constantly pouring God's truth into our lives. Teachers pray for and with students every day." - Student Testimonial (2016)
Selected from Google Reviews:
"Madison Christian School has an outstanding environment. They make you feel like you are part of the Madison Christian family!!!!💚💗💛💟💕💜" Amani Wood (2016)