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Have you ever looked for a lawyer, a doctor, a mechanic or a tax advisor, but didn't have a locally recommended Christian to call on? Have you ever wondered how to advertise your business within the local community without spending a small fortune? The Madison Christian Community | Business Directory may be just what you’ve been looking for!

Our vibrant Madison Christian community is composed of many entrepreneurs and business people from a wide variety of sectors – everything from building and construction to retail shops, from self storage to restaurant services, from visiting nurses to massage therapist and much more.

Our desire is to support Madison Christian families and their place of employment in a special digital publication that will be included on the Madison Christian main website. This business directory is for our families to support establishments owned by or that employ Madison Christian Church or School parents and their spouses.

Inclusion in the Madison Christian Community | Business Directory publication is completely voluntary and free. However, you must attend Madison Christian Church or have at least one child attending Madison Christian School to remain in this directory.