October 2021 - Emotions

Positive social and emotional health starts with self-awareness. This awareness includes:

1) The ability to identify and put words to personal emotions, and

2) Recognition of emotions as natural and important, whether they match how another person might feel or not.

Consider the Psalms – David practiced emotional awareness. In fact, he put his feelings into poetry! And Job – Job recognized and shared his feelings with God.

You can support your child’s social and emotional health by encouraging them to put words to their feelings and letting them know it’s natural to have them. (This does not always mean their reaction or behavior is okay – we will get to that in a later month.) Check out the Emoji Emotions Chart and the Wheel of Emotions below. How many emotions do you recognize? Can you think of more? Feel free to use these charts at home to increase your student’s emotional vocab!

Emoji Feelings

Wheel of Emotions