Junior High Fine Arts

Junior High Art


Junior High Art students are introduced to various forms of art and are encouraged and instructed to develop, master, and apply the creative techniques they have learned in class.  Students use a wide range of media to learn art principles and skills, and express themselves through art forms in a way that is glorifying to our Lord Jesus Christ. They also learn the importance of developing art that brings honor to Him, others, and self. 

7th grade projects include perspective drawings, grid drawings, painting, ceramics, figure drawing, and more. 

8th grade projects include pencil illustration, architecture, split image, graphic design, observation drawings, and more.


Class supplies needed:

A pocket folder

Standard pencil



Junior High Band


Junior High Band aids the student in developing the skills necessary to play their specific instrument at a higher level than achieved in elementary band.  In addition, the student continues to develop the skill of playing in a large group setting, learning what is required to add to and not distract from the overall ensemble sound.  The student learns scales and music theory to further educate and develop their musicality, both individually and as a group.  The student also learns the difference between being a performer and a servant-musician, and develops the biblical worldview of music as worship and purpose to bring glory to God.


Class supplies needed:

All equipment necessary for playing and maintaining the student’s instrument.



Junior High Choir


Junior High Choir will build upon the basics that were learned in 5th and 6th Grade Choirs, expanding students’ singing versatility, listening, and literacy skills. Students will sing together, matching pitch and creating a blended sound. In addition to worship songs, students will sing three- and four-part choral pieces, and will sharpen their skills in sight-reading. Throughout the course students will continue learning the singing and music literacy skills needed for proper choral singing.


Class supplies needed: