8th Grade Courses

Courses in this section:

Bible 8
English 8
History of the Middle Ages
Science 8
Saxon 3 (Math)
8th Grade Algebra I
Introductory Logic 8
Physical Education 8
Latin 8: Second Form Latin

Bible 8


This class is the daily component of the MCS Holistic Spiritual Formation Program

The three components of the MCS Spiritual Formation plan are Chapel Services, Bible Classes, and Service/Ministry experiences. These components are designed to set a minimum  requirement for students, and it is our desire that students will exceed each of these standards. These standards will be used to determine a student’s grade (pass/fail) in Bible class each year,  and will be a factor in determining Character Award selections during the student’s Senior year. In the Bible Class part of this program, students will daily complete Bible reading, participate in class discussions and complete daily reflective journaling in the area of Biblical content, spiritual reflection and virtue application.

Class supplies needed:

Composition notebook




English 8


In this course students will be exposed to great medieval literary works that explore the ideas, experiences, and struggles common to humanity in every generation. Alongside History 8, students will develop greater ability to reflect on texts and ideas/issues in our culture in light of Scripture and a Christian worldview. Students will grow in English grammar and composition.

Class supplies needed:
3" binder with pocket folders
Notebook paper
Fine tip dry erase markers
Pens and pencils
Access to printer

History of the Middle Ages


Medieval History and Humanities introduces students to enduring literary works and ideas from the medieval world. In conjunction with English 8, representative texts in poetry, drama, history, and philosophy will be read with an eye to  worldview analysis, the development of ideas, historical significance, and literary merit. In the process, students will contemplate enduring questions that bear on human flourishing, virtue development, and Christian living. Students will apply logic skills and participate in discussions surrounding the great ideas.


Class supplies needed:

1.5” binder with paper

Pens and pencils


Fine dry erase marker with dry erase eraser



Science 8


Throughout the school year, we will dive into different topics such as the various types of energy and states of matter, ecosystems and environments, the solar system, and the current geological state and history of our planet. Learning and assessment will be conducted through hands-on activities, labs, projects, class discussion, lectures and different forms of technology. By the end of this course, students will walk away with a broader view of Science as a whole, a greater sense of awe and wonder for God's incredible creation, and a refined outlook on how we can view Science from the perspective of our faith!


Class supplies needed:

2” binder (minimum; can vary in size) with 3 tab dividers and looseleaf paper

Colored Pencils or various colored highlighters (for note-taking)



Saxon 3 (Math)


This course is an 8th-grade level course that is designed for math mastery through a spiral format. This means that as students learn new material they will spiral back and practice previously learned concepts. Students will focus on number sense, geometrical concepts, equations, and basic graphing. They will improve their math facts, have small investigations into new concepts, and build a strong math foundation for Algebra 1.  Students’ perseverance and consistency will be challenged by depth of content and through daily homework and practice.

Prerequisite:  Placement according to Saxon 3 readiness test
Class supplies needed:

2” binder with 4 tab dividers and looseleaf paper

Calculator: TI:30x, please, no Casio brand

Scissors and glue stick

Compass and Protractor


Colored Pencils

Students will be required to put a heavy duty book cover on their textbook.  A homemade cover from a brown paper grocery bag is ideal.  Cloth covers do not provide adequate protection.



8th Grade Algebra 1

MATH-Alg1 (8th)

Algebra is designed to show how God has created order in the universe and how math is relevant to all areas of life.  Beginning with a review of pre-algebra, the course further develops algebraic concepts in depth.  Specific areas of study are powers and exponents, quadratic equations, polynomials, factoring, proportions and rational equations, and radicals.  Successful completion of this course also prepares students for higher math, and the class is designed to be followed by Geometry.  Expanding critical, logical and abstract thinking in both mathematical and biblical worldview thinking are primary goals of this course.

Successful completion of this class earns 1 high school math credit.
Prerequisites:  Saxon 3 and placement according to Algebra 1 readiness testing
Class supplies needed:

2” binder with 4 tab dividers and loose leaf paper

Calculator: TI-30 recommended, Casio brand NOT recommended


Introductory Logic 8


In this course, students will further explore formal logic, building on the logical fallacy of 7th grade.  Students will participate in logic exercises and discussions and continue developing logical reasoning skills.  This course covers logical statements, syllogism, a brief introduction to informal fallacies and more. Students will use logical reasoning in practical applications and debate within the classroom.

Class supplies needed:





Physical Education 8 (semester class)


Madison Christian School’s Physical Education Program is a vital part of the school’s mission of educating the whole child, encouraging students not only to exercise their physical bodies but also to experience, explore, challenge, express and perform.  The program is directed at lifelong learning and lifelong recreational sports rather than intramural competition.  The course introduces students to a wide variety of team games, individual games, and lifetime fitness. The focus of the Junior High Physical Education Program is to provide an opportunity for the students to participate in a wide variety of physical activities and experiences that promote the mastery of the core skills introduced at the elementary level.  This course will build a framework for lifetime activities and healthy living.

Class supplies needed:

Fitness/gym clothes

Gym bag

Tennis shoes

Water bottle


Latin 8:  Second Form Latin


Second Form Latin will build on the foundation laid in First Form Latin.  During this year students will learn the six active and passive tenses of first through fourth conjugation verbs. They will expand their knowledge of the five noun declensions while also learning third declension adjectives, personal pronouns, prepositions, Latin phrases, and 300 new vocabulary words. They will also learn to translate complex text as well as continue to learn to have conversations in Latin. Most written work is completed in class. Students will be expected to practice memorizing their words and endings for at least five days a week using Quizlet or another method of their choice.

Prerequisite:  A minimum grade of 80% in Latin 7:  First Form Latin.  Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the summer Latin Club prior to the 8th grade year.
Students who successfully complete both Latin 7 and Latin 8 evidenced by grade and cumulative assessment will earn 2 high school credits in World Language.
Class supplies needed:
4 fine-tip dry erase markers
Pencils or erasable pens
Heavy duty plastic folder with pockets and three prongs. Example: Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Plastic Folders with 2 Pockets for Letter Size Paper, Pack of 6  (if students would prefer, a ½ inch three-ring binder could also be used).