Madison Christian School

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Selected from a personal email:

"I wanted to thank you for the scholarship money towards (my children's) tuition at Madison Christian School. I have to work several jobs in order to make ends meet, but it is worth it knowing my kids are being directed towards Christ. (There is) spiritual warfare, with many obstacles in their way (not unlike everyone else). Being a public school teacher, I can say there's a very high academic standard at MCS. So, thank you and I will continue to pray for the school and the church." Parent Testimonial

Selected from

“Great teachers, administration and a rigorous Christ-centered curriculum characterize this little gem of a school tucked away in Southeast Columbus.”Parent Testimonial (2017)  

Selected from

“My son started at Madison Christian 2 years ago (he just started 2nd grade this year). He was at Goddard School for years and still couldn't read. After 3 weeks at Madison Christian, he was already reading very well! The teachers here are amazing! All of the staff cares about your child and wants them to succeed. I am amazed at how most of the staff knows my son's name and they treat him so well! My son loves it here and he does so well in class! It is worth the tuition! I love how the school involves the word of God into their curriculum. I love how much they let parents get involved in their child's life at school. Including with sports. I really enjoy volunteering every year with the sports that my son does at school. Kids in the athletic program are all treated equally and get the same amount of "play time" in sports. My son used to be really shy when he first started at the school, but he has definitely grown more confident and social since he started here."Parent Testimonial (2017)

Selected from Google Reviews:

“Since I've been (at) Madison, I have love, kindness, and struggles… There are friendship(s) you make (here) that will last you through high school." – Student Testimonial (2017)