E-Term 2020

Dear Parents and Students,

The Jr./Sr. Faculty is so excited for E-Term 2020!  

We \are pleased with the eclectic range of options for our students.  E-term 2020 is a one-week, hands-on learning experience designed exclusively for the upper school. It is a chance to explore, to be creative, and to engage in non-traditional learning.  All of our E-Term courses will be taught from a biblical worldview and will be challenging.

If you are in high school, I highly recommend that you look into the job shadowing option.  The students last year had an awesome experience learning about their chosen careers. The experience really confirmed their desire to pursue a particular path.  Begin the process of seeking a job shadowing opportunity soon!  I’m certain that you will not regret it!  

Sit down as a family and make wise choices about your E-Term 2020 course selection.  Take the courses that best fit your desires, not your friends.  We are working hard to provide the best E-Term experience possible! 

In Christ,


Job shadowing opportunities scheduled during our E-Term are a unique opportunity for our 9th-12th grades to observe and experience a working professional’s life for a week. This experience in the world of adult realities allows them to see the time lawyers do not spend in a courtroom, to discover the patience required to teach second grade or to observe the precision required to be an engineer or research scientist. These experiences can aid in major decisions the students are currently facing and more importantly in the discovery of how God has uniquely equipped them. Even job shadowing opportunities that do not turn out as expected, can be a valuable tool in the discovery process. To participate in the job shadowing portion of E-Term is a privilege that involves significant responsibility on the part of the student. Remember that this is a formally structured learning experience that starts before the first day “on the job”.
Monday, February 24th - Job Shadowing Application Due
Thursday, February 27th - Job Shadowing Contract & Host Information Due
$10 Non-Refundable Host Fee Due
Friday, March 13th - Presentation to faculty, peers and parents
Troy Current
Guidance Counselor
614-497-3456 Ext. 8030


Registration for E-Term 2020 is easy. We will have a Google Form for the students to fill out according to their class. The students will receive an email with a link to their form during their homeroom on the day that the form must be submitted so please have a discussion with them about their choices prior to the day they are to complete their form.

Forms are due by the close of the day on the dates listed below: 


Seniors - Monday, February 24th
Juniors - Monday, February 24th
Sophomores - Tuesday, February 25th
Freshmen - Tuesday, February 25th


8th grade - Wednesday, February 26th
7th grade - Wednesday, February 26th