International FAQs

Q. Does Madison Christian School issue I-20s?

A. Yes.

Q. How many international students will be offered acceptance for the 2019-2020 school year?

A. There are up to six seats available at this time.

Q. Does Madison Christian School accept middle school international applicants?

A. Not at this time. We are accepting students worldwide who meet our criteria and are entering grades 9-11.

Q. How much does it cost for an international student to attend Madison Christian School?

A. For 2019-2020, it will cost approximately $24,425 USD, which includes room and board, food and much more.

Q. Do I have to take the TOEFL iBT?

A. Yes, we recommend you take the TOEFL iBT or the iTEP SLATE as extra documentation of your English proficiency. We use the TOEFL iBT or iTEP SLATE test for admissions documentation.

Q. Can I take the TOEFL iBT or iTEP SLATE tests in my country?

A. Yes. Sign up for the TOEFL here: TOEFL iBT  SLATE here: iTEP SLATE

Q. What is the minimum score on the TOEFL iBT or iTEP SLATE that will be accepted?

A. We expect your English proficiency to be high enough to be successful in our mainstream college preparatory classes.  

As a guideline, we recommend scores fall within the following ranges: 

TOEFL iBT: Score | 65 to 70 | Code: B736

iTEP SLATE: Score | 4.0 for Freshman | 4.5 for Sophomores and Juniors 

Q. What is the average SAT or ACT score for Madison Christian School students?

A. You can find out all that information here on our Madison Christian School At-A-Glance profile

Q. Do I need to find my own homestay?

A. No. The tuition and fees include living with our own Madison Christian School families.

Q. Can I live with a relative or close family friend who lives near Madison Christian School?

A. No. We believe that students learn English and cultural skills the best when living with American host families. 

Q. How many international students are in one homestay home?

A. We place one or two students in each home depending on the students and the home.

Q. Will I have a private room in my homestay?

A. Some international students have their own room, some share a room with another international student or their American host sibling.

Q. How are host families chosen?

A. Our host families are carefully screened and background checked. Most of our host parents either work here at Madison Christian School or have their own children that are students at our school.

Q. Will I live with the same host family for all the years I attend Madison Christian School?

A. Some students do live with the same host family for multiple years and others do not and live with different families every year. There is just a one-school-year (10-month) placement commitment for both the host parents and the student.

Q. Can I play sports at Madison Christian School?

A. Yes, but Ohio state regulations (OSHAA) will not allow Senior High students to participate in competitive sports. However, you may participate in gym, community sports or other non-competitive venues outside of our school.