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Library Programs



The library assists Junior and Senior High students through a mobile resource center called The Book Nook. Located near the front entrance of the Jr./Sr. High Building and directly across from the main office, The Book Nook features popular books, interlibrary loans, monthly literacy challenges and a coffee bar. Students are encouraged to visit The Book Nook every Tuesday during the student lunch hour | 11:35 a.m. to 1:01 p.m. 


Madison Christian School continues to partner with Scholastic to foster a lifelong love of reading in children by delivering affordable books to MCS parents and student. A portion of the proceeds from the book fair goes directly to the school to purchase new book and materials for the library. The Scholastic Book Fair typically lasts for one week and is set up in the elementary library.  Adults and children have time to browse and purchase their favorite books. Every Scholastic Book Fair offers a new assortment of books and merchandise and consistently includes the latest award-winning authors and most popular books. To volunteer for the next Scholastic Book Fair, please contact Amy Hesterman at


The library often displays collections or unique materials for MCS parents and students to view. The purpose of these special exhibits s is to increase public awareness of the library’s resources and to support the mission of being an educational, informational, cultural, and recreational center for the MCS community it serves. Displays are organized by volunteers and MCS Librarian, Mrs. Hesterman. The library reserves the right to determine what displays will be solicited and accepted. 


Once a year, the library plays host to an author/illustrator visit. This special time set aside to welcome a famous author/illustrator is lively, interactive, educational and fun! These visits bring literacy to life through door decorating contests, letter writing, meet the author/illustrator assemblies and evening meet/greet signings. 


For elementary students, losing a tooth that is ready to fall out is a big deal! The library recognizes this milestone in a student's life through the "to have and to hold" program. If a student loses a tooth in the library they are given a free book to keep for their personal collection. The tradition of pulling teeth in the library has become so popular that students are known to leave teeth intact for this special occasion to be celebrated. One 3rd grader who was eager to receive this recognition stated, "Mrs. Hesterman, I've been waiting all week to pull this out in the Library!".    
  Zoinks are imaginary robots located near the front entrance of the elementary building.  Every few week, Zoinks asks a question that encourages kids to do research in the library. For example, the question might be “why do zebras have stripes?” or “do penguins have knees?”. When students find the answer, they must write it down (along with the source) and “feed it” to the Zoinks. If they’re correct, they’re entered into a prize drawing for a free book. Zoinks encourages MCS students to differentiate between reliable and unreliable sources found on websites and other research channels. Zoinks Jr. is for students grades K through 3 and Zoinks reaches grades 4 to 6.


Reading Challenges are a fun, interactive way of encouraging students to read more books in the privacy of their own homes. Before Christmas Break and Spring Break, students are challenged to discover the magic of reading! Participants are motivated through classroom contests and reward opportunities. Students have the opportunity to earn special events like a pizza party or a pie throwing contest involving teachers and their principal. 


Literacy Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness about the importance of literacy in our school and in our homes. During this week, students and adults are encouraged to explore new authors and books genres. The library celebrates this week with door-decorating contests, read-ins, mystery readers and more. It is a special and memorable opportunity for families to connect and develop a love for reading. 


The library continues to help young children and teenagers build reading and language skills through the Summer Reading Program. Madison Christian partners with Columbus Metropolitan Library over the summer break to reward readers with free books, merchandise and more. The program cumulates with a special event where a school year reading theme is presented.