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"...The students are growing with knowing God's word and disciplined. I love the rules and regulations about everything...I love everything about the school and the church too. It's the best place for my children. 🙏❤" - Azeb S. | MCS Parent 
"I have many friends. I feel like MCS is a great school academically and socially. MCS has a great sports program and art program and the teachers here are like extra counselors. I love sports and at one of my old schools, the only sport they had was basketball..... Overall MCS is a great place with great people and fun things to do." - Cyd'ni T.-L. | MCS Student (7th Grade)
"MCS is much more than a school. At MCS, each student is treated as an individual with unique talents and opportunities to grow. MCS partners with parents to ensure a well-rounded learning experience, both inside and outside the classroom. It is evident each and every faculty and staff member is dedicated to the mission and vision of the school. It has truly been a blessing watching our daughter grow at MCS. From pre-K through 2nd grade, MCS has provided an exceptional learning environment. Whether it was encouraging her love of math, meeting her physical needs when she broke her leg, helping her gain confidence presenting in a group setting, or providing a foundation to better understand Scripture, MCS faculty and staff have been there enthusiastically teaching, guiding, and supporting every step of the way. Few things are harder for a parent than entrusting your child with someone else. We are so blessed to know that when our daughter is at MCS. she is still loved and in the best of hands. For any parent considering a Christian education for their child, I wholeheartedly recommend MCS without reservation." - Emily W. | MCS Parent
"My boys and I experienced a great loss this summer. The number of MCS admin, staff, coaches, students, parents, alumni, and alumni parents who came out to support and stand with us was amazing. The love and offers of help reminded us we were not alone. They became the hands and feet of God during that difficult time. Words are not enough to convey our appreciation. Thank you MCS!" - Patty D. | MCS Parent



"Our granddaughters attend/attended Madison. It is a wonderful school with a quality education. One is now doing amazing in college thanks to the excellent foundation provided by Madison Christian School." - Donna P. | MCS Grandparent

"God-centered and awesome staff and faculty" - Nina E. | MCS Parent

"I can say I’m blessed to have my child in this school. May all teachers be blessed and have wisdom to teach our kids of Christ." - Innka S. | MCS Parent

"I cannot imagine our kids going anywhere else. We started with an amazing Kindergarten teacher and every year we have truly been blessed with the teachers. Our kids have learned so much more than academics. Everyone at the school has been awesome. They have high expectations and the code of conduct is enforced to keep those expectations high. We couldn’t ask for a better school experience and are truly blessed to be a Madison Christian School family."    - Melanie W. | MCS Parent

"I couldn't be more appreciative of the love, accountability, guidance, and education provided by Madison Christian School. I have 2 children who attend (elementary and junior high). The staff goes above and beyond to ensure children feel worthy while holding each child to the highest standards. It is a blessing to have such amazing people guide your children with the same values and morals we hold as a family. I encourage anyone to take a tour and feel as special as MCS has made our family." - Shelley F. | MCS Parent


"Now, it's been a little while since I was a student at Madison but I certainly enjoyed my time there! I only went there for one year, my senior year, but it was the best school year I ever had. I felt like I had challenging academics, friendly teachers, friendly peers and an overall fantastic learning environment. I was also a teacher's aide for my volunteer requirement for graduation and the environment for the little ones was just as great." - MCS Alumni 

"The greatest decision my parents made was to send me to Madison. It helped me to excel spiritually and academically. It also helped me create friendships that will last a lifetime!! The teachers are awesome and really care about their students." - MCS Alumni 

"Madison Christian School provides an excellent education for all students while at the same time preparing them to become strong Christian leaders. The attention you receive from the teachers at MCS is unmatched by any other school. MCS prepares its students for life after high school and equips them with the necessary tools to enter the world of college." Student Testimonial 

"Overall, I have been attending this school for a little over three years. Throughout my experience here, I have learned that there are so many opportunities out in this world. I love Madison Christian, from the loving and caring staff to the mixed environment of caring individuals that I call my class." Student Testimonial 



“Since I've been (at) Madison, I have love, kindness, and struggles… There are friendship(s) you make (here) that will last you through high school." –Student Testimonial