"Raising Sturdy Kids" with Keith McCurdy

"Raising Sturdy Kids" with Keith McCurdy
11/16/2021, 7:00 PM 8:30 PM
MCC Worship Center

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Keith McCurdy, M.A., Ed. S: "Raising Sturdy Kids"

From Keith's website: "As we have gone further down the road of embracing the 'therapeutic' approach to parenting, we have lost both our ability to parent well and raise children who can handle the normal rigors of life. When parents, knowingly or unknowingly, minimize natural disappointments for their children, or intervene to rescue them from difficulty or relational conflict, they win a short-term victory at the cost of a much larger long-term goal. In the moment, easy feels great. But struggle is inherently uncomfortable and often upsetting to children.

The reality is that struggle is required in order for children to grow into 'sturdy adults' -- adults who can face life's challenges with maturity, resilience and perseverance. if we want our children to be able to do hard things, we must allow them to struggle.

Keith's counter-cultural approach to parenting is a breath of fresh air. He teaches that self-confidence, rather than self-esteem, is the ultimate goal, and that healthy struggle is the engine to growth and maturity. Keith's ideas are grounded in truth. He gives parents the tools needed to ensure their children grow into sturdy, mature adults."

Learn more about Keith and his message.

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