Spirit Week | 2019


DATES: Monday, November 18th - Friday, November 22nd

Student council has announced the following costume days for the Upper School Spirit Week.


Monday - Monochromatic Monday
Tuesday - Squad Day
Wednesday - Superfan Day
Thursday - 60's or 80's Day
Friday - All IN Spirit Day


Monochromatic Monday - Dress from head to toe in the color that is chosen for your class.

7th Grade - Grey
8th Grade - Green
9th Grade - Blue
10th Grade -Red
11th Grade - White
12th Grade - Black

Squad Day Tuesday -

Grab a friend or a group and dress like your favorite squad from a movie, book, team, or band. Here are some examples: Avengers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Beatles, Sherlock and Watson. Your group should be recognizable to most.

Superfan Wednesday -

Imagine you have half-court or 50 yard-line tickets and will be on ESPN supporting your favorite team. Wear your jerseys, paint your face, go all out! To get credit for this day, you need to do more than just wear a team shirt.

60's or 80's Thursday -

Today we celebrate peace and love, neon and hairspray. Drag out the headbands, tie-dye, ponchos, fringed vests, and bell
bottoms OR get the bold patterns, shoulder pads, charm necklaces, jordache jeans and LA Gear! So, let’s make Thursday a groovy and tubular day. Hang loose, have a blast, and enjoy a far out experience.

All In Spirit Friday -

Wear everything MCS! Creatively dress using school colors from head to toe. You can color your hair, skin (no permanent markers, please), and accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! To get credit for this day, you must wear more than just an MCS shirt to show your spirit.

Prizes will be handed out for the best dressed each day.


We want everyone to participate! Please do not spend a lot of money on costumes. Most of these things can be found at home or the thrift store.

Please make sure all costumes are modest and in keeping with the Christian standards we uphold. If you have any questions about a clothing item, please ask it before you wear it. If you wear a costume that is inappropriate, you will be asked to go home and change. You will lose the right to participate for the rest of the week and it will cost your class points.