Elementary Eagles soar at reading

To foster an environment of readers, MCS Librarian Mrs. Johnson presented elementary students with some reading challenges.
K-6 students were encouraged to read, read, read over Christmas Break. For each book students read, they completed a ticket for a drawing. One winner was drawn in each class for a $10 gift card to Barnes & Noble. Congratulations to our winners!
Student Winners
Laina H.
Robel D.
Fola O.
Hasset S.
Kidus Z.
Heran R.
Yordanos B.
Eyobed T.
Eston W.
Audrianna F.
Jacob S.
Nati D.
Abigail L.
Liam Q.
Mrs. Johnson challenged 3rd and 4th grade students to read an entire book series in the fall. The following students participated:
Student Book Series
Brooklynn M. Tuttle Twins
Joe B. I Survived
Elena F. Ranger in Time
Brielle D. Tuttle Twins
Hayleigh G. Grandma's Attic
Caden S. I Survived
Iman B. Who Was (20)
Eli S. Tuttle Twins
Simon V. Who Was (20)
Maria R. Animal Friends
Anna A.
Grandma's Attic, Animal Friends, & Tuttle Twins
Great job to all our Eagle readers!