Kindergarten Knights and Ladies Day

In the Phonics Museum curriculum, Madison Christian kindergarten students are introduced to Percival, the boy knight, as he leads them through an art museum learning letters and sounds along the way. Kindergarten students participated in a Knights and Ladies Day where they attended a chapel focused on the armor of God before attending knights or ladies training.
In knights training, the boys learned about chivalry and manners, decorated swords/shields, and learned how to throw a javelin, shoot bows and arrows, ride a stick horse, and have a sword dual.
In ladies training, the girls learned about etiquette and had hands-on learning with a tea party, decorated handkerchiefs, and practiced doing a curtsy, balancing eggs on spoons, and riding a stick horse.
They ended the day with a ceremony where students sang about the armor of God, took an honor pledge, and were knighted “Sir” or “Lady”.
Please enjoy the below clip of the knights and ladies singing about the armor of God.