Madison Christian School

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James & The Giant Peach Jr. | Elementary Musical


Thursday, Nov. 8th | 7:00 pm
Friday, Nov. 9th | 7:00 pm
Saturday, Nov. 10th | 7:00 pm


Students | $5
General Admission | $8
Reserved | $10
Golden Ticket (closed after 1st performance) |
General $18 for 3 nights
Premium $24 for 3 nights (only 1 night on the front row)


James has been kicked out of the orphanage to go live with his 2 aunts. He is kidnapped on his way to his aunt's house and put in a basement with the "creepy crawlies." His kidnappers order him to chop down a peach tree. James rescues an earthworm from the tree. Ladahlord appears and gives him a chance to change his life by choosing a spell from his book. He gathers the ingredients to make his spell and accidentally spills the spell concoction on the ground. The next morning there is a giant peach with a door on the tree. James and his insect friends go inside which causes the giant peach to snap off the tree and roll into the ocean. Then, James begins his magical journey traveling in a giant peach.