Eagle Update - October 2021

Eagle Update


Madison Christian School October 2021 Newsletter


A Message from the Head of School:

How can we navigate life's challenges to make sure we are walking in the right direction? 2 Timothy 3:16-17 states: "All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work."

Daily, actively engaging with God's word will help provide much needed direction. Starting in October, our administrative team, staff, and teachers have been challenged to read through the New Testament. By reading as little as 15 minutes per day, you can read from Matthew through Revelation by year's end. (See resources.)

As our vision states, may we at MCS "continue to be a vibrant education ministry that creatively models excellence, wisely stewards God's resources and opportunities, and visibly reflects the relational leadership of Jesus Christ in order to intentionally transform present and future generations."

In His service by grace,
Michael P. Egenreider, MS


A Message from the Principal:

High school trips continue to be a priority for us. Although there are current difficulties regarding safety, travel, and mandates, we are moving ahead with some future planning! We're working on a spring break trip for our Class of 2022 to Charlotte, NC that includes both missions and sightseeing. 

For the 2022-23 school year, we're beginning some planning for a 9th and 10th grade trip to Washington D.C. (with potential alternatives), an overnight trip for 11th grade, and an extended trip for 12th grade. More information will be coming out soon.

Kim Miller, MS



Upcoming Events

  • 10/5: Take a Tour Tuesday (Prospective students)
  • 10/7: Family Open House (Lower School)
  • 10/9: HS Band performs at Apple Butter Day
  • 10/12: Take a Tour Tuesday (Prospective students)
  • 10/13: Senior Breakfast & Senior/Parent Meeting (RSVP Form)
  • 10/13: 9th-11th Grade preACT & PSAT Testing
  • 10/13: End of 1st Quarter
  • 10/14: NO SCHOOL
  • 10/15: NO SCHOOL
  • 10/18: MCS Town Hall Meeting
  • 10/18: Parent Meetings (Upper School)
  • 10/18-21: Parent-Teacher Conferences (Lower School)
  • 10/18-22: Digital Citizenship Week
  • 10/19: Take a Tour Tuesday (Prospective students)
  • 10/22: 1st Quarter Grade Cards sent home
  • 10/23: Student Council Fall Fest (Upper School)
  • 10/26: 3rd Grade Reading Test
  • 10/26: Take a Tour Tuesdays (Prospective students)
  • 10/29: NHS Social Event

Upcoming Athletic Events

  • 10/7: Soccer Senior Night
  • 10/8 Volleyball Senior Night
  • 10/9: MS MOCAL Soccer Tournament
  • 10/15: MS MOCAL Volleyball Tournament
  • 10/16: MCS hosting the MOCAL XC Meet / XC Senior Night
  • 10/18-22: HS Soccer & Volleyball Tournaments
  • 10/23: XC Districts

Student Life

Music in Science Chapel
Ark Riverboat
See You At The Pole: The elementary students participated in See You At The Pole where they gathered to worship and pray for our school, community, and country. It was a great blessing to hear our students lead each other in prayer and worship!

Making Music in Science: Our 1st grade classes recently invited Mrs. Hodges into their class to talk to them about how musical instruments use vibration to make specific sounds. Mrs. Hodges was able to share some of her favorite string instruments with the students and perform a mini-concert.
Learning about Prayer: Our 4th-6th grade students were blessed to have Pastor Mike Ellis at their first chapel of the year. He shared how prayer is like talking to a friend and God is always there to talk with us. He taught them how to pray with the acronym W.I.T.H.:
W -- Wow! (Praise God)
I -- I'm sorry (Confess our sins)
T -- Thank you (Thanking God for what he has done)
H -- Help me (Praying for others and asking God for help)
Change for Honor: Williams Boulevard Baptist Church in Kenner, Louisiana was recently damaged by Hurricane Ida. A former MCS teacher, Vicki Elliott attends there with her husband who is the pastor. Our elementary students were challenged to do extra chores at home to earn money to donate to the church. We learned that showing honor means doing more than what is expected and making someone feel special. We set a goal to raise $1000 for the church and our students raised over $1300!

On Sept. 9-10, our 9th-12th grade students embarked on a fun 2-day academic trip:
  • 9th grade visited the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum
  • 10th and 11th grade visited the Ark Encounter and spent the night in the Creation Museum
  • 12th grade visited the Ark Encounter, explored Newport Aquarium, and went on a Riverboat Tour on the Ohio River in downtown Cincinnati.
These trips are designed to allow students to explore new fields, acquire knowledge, grow in fellowship with their peers, and strengthen their faith. 


The Marion & Ruth Gray XC Invitational took place on Sept. 25th. Marion & Ruth were founding members of MCC and donated the land for our campus. In honor of Marion's service in WWII, $1375 of the event proceeds will be donated to Motts Military Museum! Thank you to all who helped the event run successfully: the church trustees and XC parents who worked on the course, and all the MCS faculty, staff, coaches, and parents who volunteered. We appreciate each one of you!
Current Athletic Records (as of 9/27):
  • MS Soccer (8-0)
  • Varsity Soccer (6-0-2)
  • MS Volleyball (8-1)
  • JV Volleyball (1-6)
  • Varsity Volleyball (5-6)
  • MS XC: Teams have participated in 4 meets with several individuals medalling. At the Marion & Ruth Gray Invitational, both boys and girls teams earned 1st Place!
  • Varsity XC: Teams have participated in 4 meets with several individuals medaling. Caleb Leach has broken the HS Boys record (twice)!

Guidance Office

Senior Breakfast: This senior milestone will take place on Oct. 13th followed by a senior student/parent meeting, which will include a presentation from Josten's. RSVP by Oct. 11th.
Testing for Grades 9-11: Students will participate in the following standardized tests on Oct. 13th -- Grade 9: Pre-ACT 9, Grade 10: Pre-ACT, Grade 11: PSAT. Juniors have received PSAT student guides and information. Sophomores and Freshmen will receive information applicable to their specific tests from Mrs. Ladd during homeroom visits next week. Information is also available online, which may include practice questions/tests.
Parent Meetings: On Oct. 18th, parent meetings for Grades 7-11 will be held in the MCC Worship Center to review graduation requirements and helpful timelines to assist students with college/career planning. More info to come.
Virtual College Document: Students in Grades 9-12 will have access to this in their Bible class Google Stream. Scholarship information and links to post-secondary education websites provided from Admissions Counselors will be posted and updated regularly.
FAFSA 2022: Now available online. Visit studentaid.gov to learn more.
ACT/SAT: Students interested in taking these tests should visit ACT.org or SAT.org for test dates, registration, and practice opportunities.
Seniors/Juniors: Stay active in college and scholarship searches. Create spreadsheets to help you organize information regarding deadlines, application requirements, and notes. Please schedule an appointment with Mrs. Ladd if you have questions or need assistance.
Attendance Email

New Attendance Email

Please use attendance@mcseaglesoh.org to report all absences, late arrivals, and early pick-ups by 9am each day. Please include the student's name and grade in the subject line. In the email, please provide the date and reason why. Learn more.

Storybook Pumpkins


The Eagle Readers Club for 4th-6th graders begins on Oct. 12th. We are also looking forward to our very first Storybook Pumpkin Patch beginning on Oct. 25th! Families can decorate a pumpkin like a favorite book character and bring it in to display. Learn more.



Positive social and emotional health starts with self-awareness. This includes: 1) The ability to identify and put words to personal emotions, and 2) Recognition of emotions as natural and important, whether they match how another person might feel or not. You can support your child's social and emotional health by encouraging them to put words to their feelings. Learn more and see resources.


Health Clinic

Health Clinic

Read the Health Clinic October Newsletter to learn about car seat safety for children under 13, car seat regulations, and safety in the MCS car lines.




In this month's Tech Talks Newsletter, the Technology Dept. discusses digital citizenship, GoGuardian content filtering, TikTok, and disconnecting from technology. Any questions or feedback can be sent to techsupport@mcseaglesoh.org.



Current Employment Opportunities:

    • Evening/Weekend Cleaning Position
    • Nursery Teacher/Staff
    • Substitute Teachers
    • Certified Teaching Positions

Learn more.