School Crest



The mission of Madison Christian School is two-fold: evangelism and discipleship. The symbols in our school crest represent these two important ministry goals.

The open Bible represents evangelizing by hearing God’s Word and responding to the message of the gospel.

The cross represents discipleship after responding to the gospel through a personal commitment to Christ and baptism (a reenactment of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ). Students are encouraged to grow spiritually as they continue to study God’s Word and seek to follow Christ’s perfect example. Our school mission aligns with the church mission statement of … “Reaching people for Christ and helping believers grow to be like him.”

The other two quadrants of our crest contain the symbols of the learning lamp and an eagle.

The learning lamp conveys our goal of striving for high academic standards with God’s Word of truth in an atmosphere of love.

The eagle mascot represents the school’s desired outcome: soaring like an eagle to become strong Christian leaders.