ACT & SAT Preparation

The ACT and SAT are very important college entrance tests. We encourage our students to take the ACT during the spring/summer of their junior year or fall of their senior year. Please visit the appropriate testing website for registration and testing dates.

Registration for the ACT or SAT requires our school CEEB code 362-447

Every year, the question of how to prepare for these tests always arises. Both the ACT and the SAT state that the best preparation is a solid curriculum in the first three years of high school. However, students who wish to further prepare may focus on the following:

- Ohio Means Jobs K-12 AP, ACT, SAT practice tests (FREE)
Plan It---Assessments and Trainings--- (choose the appropriate tests)

- ACT test practice booklets in the guidance office (free)

- ACT online prep (fee) in the only official electronic guide to the ACT assessment.

- Khan Academy online SAT practice tests and test prep (free)

Test preparation workshops are also a wonderful way to prepare and become more acquainted with the test. (More information on these will be given to our students when it becomes available)

MCS offers a Test Prep Course during the first semester for junior students who are interested in it. If you like more information about this course, please contact me.

Additional Online Help

Math Plane
Online Math Learning
Test Guide
McGraw-Hill Practice Plus
Free Test Prep
Bright Storm