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This section is dedicated to MCS alumni. It is a place to keep your past friends updated on what is happening in your life by providing them with the latest information. We would love to hear about marriages, promotions, degree completions and more. Basically, any type of academic, professional or personal accomplishment are things we would like to recognize and share. 
How do you get added to this list? Simply fill out the alumni update form found HERE and click submit. We will make sure we broadcast it on this page and on social media. We are thankful for our alumni and the mark they left on Madison Christian School. 


Leah Conway
Class of 2016
News & Updates
Leah recently participated in an internship with 614 magazine. Her photos can be found in the September issue (Safe Space | Pages 55-57 & A Line of Defense | Pages 59-61). Additionally, Leah has been used as a hand model in three publications. Her hand can be found (An Organic Experience | Page 96) in the September issue:
Safe Space
Please join us in congratulating Leah on this outstanding accomplishment!


JUNE 2019

 Congratulations Class of 2019!

APRIL 2019

Abby Neer
Class of 2015
News & Updates
"ANOTHER prestigious Fulbright win! Congrats, Abby Neer! She’s heading to South Korea to teach English.
“I find Korean really interesting because their writing system is really beautiful and really systematic. It's phonetic, and really easy to learn. It was created in the 1400s specifically to help more people be literate, and so the shapes of the letters kind of match the shape of your mouth.”
She’ll get to practice her Korean, but she'll also be teaching students English, which is something she volunteers doing. She hopes to go to grad school and continue that work.“
Meeting people that came here to learn English as a Second Language ... I felt their pain! I really like Korean movies and TV, and when you learn from a textbook, it's not always the same as how people actually talk. That’s something I really want to focus on. And I want to make it fun, and bring in movies, TV shows, and other media to show them natural speech.
”She’s also pretty excited to try Korean fried chicken!" 


Photo Credit: Lithopolis Honeyfest Facebook Page 

Lauren Leipold
Class of 2014
News & Updates
"Lauren Leipold created a featured mural on the old fire station in Lithopolis in celebration of the Honeyfest." 


Kendale Search
Class of 2015
News & Updates
"Kendale was selected to participate in the 2018 Undergraduate Summer Research Grant (YSRG) Program with the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University.  The program is scheduled for May 29 - August 3, 2018 in College Station, TX."


Nathan Johnson
Class of 2017
News & Updates
"Graduated from Fire 1 & 2 and was first in his class"


Don Marshall
Class of 2008
What's new with you?
"I got married June 18, 2016"
Andrew Pullins
Class of 2010
What's new with you?
"I just bought a house with brother Jonathan"
Nathan Kershner
Class of 2014
What's new with you?
"I started school at Ohio State and was promoted to supervisor at UPS"
Emily (Rose) Witosky
Class of 2012
What's new with you?
"I'm married to another MCS alumni, Ben Witosky, on May 7th, 2016. Currently at Fort Benning, GA for his training in the Army. We will be moving to Fort Campbell, KY, hopefully by the beginning of 2017. There we will settle for a few years before we will have to move again! We recently acquired our puppy, Abe. He's a golden retriever. Typical life of an army wife :)"
Laura (Pierce) Callihan
Class of 2009
What's new with you?
"On September 25th, I got to marry my best friend and love of my life Jeremy Callihan who is also an alumni at Madison Christian who graduated in 2010!"
Travis Eden
Class of 2014
What's new with you?
"I recently medically retired from the United States Marine Corps"
Kaylee Landis
Class of 2011
What's new with you?
"I am pursuing overseas ministry opportunities and Barista Certification through the SCAA"


David Wagner
Class of 2013
What's new with you?
"I will be graduating this year with a BS in Material Science Engineering"
Timothy Jennings
Class of 2012
What's new with you?
"I got married to Melissa Hanshaw this year (2016)"
Melissa (Hanshaw) Jennings
Class of 2012
What's new with you?
"I graduated nursing school, got married to Timothy Jennings (also an MCS alumni), and started working at The OSU Ross Heart Hospital this year (2016)"