Christmas Reading Challenge

Advent Books

Christmas time is a wonderful time to start reading together as a family. Here is a link to some advent books that you might consider reading with your family.

Christmas Reading Challenge

You will receive a paper copy before Christmas Break. This year’s reading challenge is for K-6. We encourage you to read, read, read during the Christmas break. 
  • Dates are December 18th-January 2nd (Books read prior to these dates do not count.)
  • Please complete the following ticket for each book you read. (Kindergarten parents may help students complete the tickets.) 
  • When we return to school Mrs. Johnson will collect each classroom’s tickets. The tickets will be placed in a drawing by homeroom. 
  • You may submit as many tickets as you would like. Each classroom will have one winner of a $10.00 Barnes and Noble gift card. 
  • Happy reading!

Christmas Reading Challenge Ticket

Teacher’s name _____________________________

Student’s name _____________________________

Book Title __________________________________

A one sentence description of the book. (Summary) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________