College & Career Prep

College & Career Prep

The college planning process can start as early as your freshman year in high school. It is important to plan out your course of study, become involved in school and community activities, and to seek out guidance throughout the process. Below are a few websites that can help you with post high school plans.


Scholarship Search

Parents and students are always looking for the most economical way to get through college. It is important to remember that the first step in acquiring scholarships and grants is setting high academic goals in high school. Starting with your freshman year, work hard and apply yourself to all of your high school classes. Also, research the following websites and sign up for scholarship searches. Some of the money that you will receive will come from the college you choose to go to. Meet with the financial aid departments of those schools to determine what they can offer you.


Financial Aid

It is important that you understand all your options concerning financial aid for college. January of your senior year, you and your parents should complete the FAFSA form. This government document will be used by colleges and universities to determine what if any grants and loans you may be eligible for.

Career Planning

First and foremost you should pray to see where God would have you minister. Whether it be in engineering, nursing, etc, you will have opportunities to be a light to those around you. Choose your career path in accordance with your interests and God given abilities. MCS has incorporated a college and career planning unit in English 11.  This unit combines the use of the Kudor system program and a career research paper to encourage your student’s interest in post high school planning.  The Kudor system helps students determine their interests and skill levels and can help direct your student’s search.


College Bound Student Athlete

If you are pursuing a college education and plan to play on an official sports team, you should go to the website below to get information on scholarships, team information, and the application process. It is always important to speak with your high school coaches and athletic director. They may have information to benefit your application and eligibility.


CLEP Examination

This examination is a great way to get college credit without taking college courses. You have the opportunity to take what you have learned in high school and get college credit for certain subjects. The following website will give you good information about the process.