1:1 Student Device Ratio

Kindergarten – Grade 1 students are provided iPads for school-day use
Grades 2 – 4 are provided Chromebooks for school-day use
Grades 5 – 12 are provided Chromebooks for use at school and at home
Over the past few years, Madison Christian School has been praying, planning and developing a plan to provide 1:1 student devices for K-12 enrolled students. Achieving this goal so quickly was greatly helped by COVID-19 adjustments to provide blended learning for our entire school. As MCS continues investing in updating these Chromebook and iPad devices, we will also continue beefing up network infrastructure to better accommodate our technology needs on campus. MCS remains committed to providing 1:1 student devices and the continual usage of GoGuardian software, which provides Internet filtering, classroom management, and device tracking capabilities.