Homeschool Partnership Program

The girls are absolutely delighted with their class. We have been able to do all classes well at home and co-op, with the exception of Math. Our family (really) needed your math classes. We are forever grateful to your school."   -  MCS Homeschool Parent


Madison Christian School offers a Homeschool Partnership Program for students in grades 7-12. Homeschool students who are accepted into Madison Christian School will have the opportunity to take middle school or high school courses for credit. Classes will be offered to any homeschool student who has a school record or transcript indicating that student has met the prerequisites for the desired course. A homeschool student may only take a maximum of four (4) classes per academic year and will not be able to earn a diploma or participate in graduation exercises through the Homeschool Partnership Program. Proof of residential school district permission to Homeschool is required. 

Process for Enrollment

  • Complete an application to Madison Christian School (Application Fee $50)
  • Participate in the student/family interview process.
  • Complete entrance testing (Testing Fee $100)
  • Upon acceptance, student and parent will meet with the Guidance Counselor to determine class schedule.

Homeschool Tuition and Fees for 2020-2021 School Year 

 Grades 7 – 8

    Annual Tuition

 Grades 9 - 12

    Annual Tuition

 1 Course

           $ 925.00

 1 Course

          $ 1110.00

 2 Courses


 2 Courses


 3 Courses


 3 Courses


 4 Courses


 4 Courses


 Study Hall


 Study Hall



Application Fee


First Year Only

Testing Fee


First Year Only

Enrollment Fee


Annual Fee

Activity Fee

  225.00 HS

175.00 7/8

Annual Fee - Academic

Facility Fee   200.00 Annual Fee
Jr. High Sports Fee   100.00 Per Sport
Sr. High Sports Fee   125.00 Per Sport
Jr./Sr. High Cheerleading Fee   TBD  
Drama Fee   50.00  

Participation in MCS Community

Students who are enrolled at MCS via the Homeschool Partnership will have the opportunity to participate in or receive the following benefits:

  • Student Activities / Missions
  • Chapel
  • MCS transcript for credits earned
  • Standardized testing (Aspire, ACT, MAP, PACT & PSAT)


Any student who is a participant in the MCS Homeschool Partnership Program must adhere to the MCS Handbook and discipline policy.  Any student who is taking multiple courses and has a period or more between classes will be scheduled into a study hall while waiting for the next class or must be picked up by the parent. All students must be supervised while on the MCS campus. MCS Homeschool Partnership students will wear the approved school uniform and apparel.

Courses Available

Priority scheduling is given to full-time students, and seat availability will determine what courses are available to students in the Homeschool Partnership Program. Students may request enrollment in any course currently being taught at MCS. For a list of all class offerings, go to mcseaglesoh.org to see the MCS Course Description Guide. 

Extra-Curricular Participation

Any student who wishes to participate in athletics or fine arts must be enrolled in a minimum of two classes, one of which must be a core class. A core class is defined as any class that may be categorized in one of the following areas of study: Bible, History, Science, Math, English. In order to participate in athletic or after school events on any given day, a student must be in attendance that day for their scheduled class periods.


Madison Christian School is a proud member of the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) in the Central District. The High School and Jr. High teams compete in the Mid-Ohio Christian Athletic League (MOCAL). In addition to the minimum course requirements, all Homeschool Partnership students must meet the OHSAA and MCS eligibility requirements.

Food Service

Homeschool Partnership Students are encouraged to pack a sack lunch if your classes occur before and after our lunch periods.  MCS currently does not offer a hot lunch program, so all students carry a brown-bag lunch.