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Re-Enrollment 2024-25

January 8 through February 4, 2024 is the priority registration for current students and siblings to re-enroll at Madison Christian School for next school year.


Re-Enrollment Instructions:

Students Entering K-12th Grade: The $150 Annual Enrollment Fee per student entering K-12th grade is paid online after your online registration. Please note that the enrollment fee increases to $200 on February 5, 2024. Families with multiple students can spread enrollment fees over numerous months (one fee due each month). Please contact the Administrative Office at 614-497-3456 if you need help with this option.
Students Entering Preschool or Pre-K: The $50 Annual Enrollment Fee per student entering Preschool or Pre-K is paid online after your online registration.
You can click the Re-Enrollment Instructions button below for a step-by-step guide on re-enrolling your child(ren) through FACTS Parentweb. If not re-enrolling, please log in and select "Will Not Enroll" under the Enrollment section.

Current Preschool and Pre-K Students:

If your child is currently enrolled in our 3-Day Preschool: Upon re-enrollment, he/she will be placed in our 5-Day Pre-K Program for the following year. If your child will be 5 by Aug. 1 and you would like him/her to be considered for Kindergarten, please contact the office at 614-497-3456.

If your child is currently enrolled in our 5-Day Pre-K Program: Upon re-enrollment, he/she will be placed in Kindergarten for the following year. If you desire your child to spend another year in our Pre-K program, please contact the office at 614-497-3456.

Kindergarten Entrance Screening: All students who wish to enroll in Kindergarten must complete Kindergarten Entrance Screening. Current Preschool/Pre-K students will be screened during their normal class time.

Scholarships/Financial Aid Information (K-12):

MCS strives to make our classical Christian education affordable to all families looking for a quality educational experience for their children.

EdChoice Scholarships

All students are now eligible to apply for an Ed Choice Scholarship! EdChoice Scholarships assist in covering tuition costs up to $6,166 for K-8 and up to $8,408 for 9-12. Please visit the EdChoice website for more information.

Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) Scholarships

MCS students are eligible to apply for a scholarship through the Ohio Christian Education Network Scholarship Granting Organization (OCEN SGO). These scholarships are funded through the generous gifts of members of our school community and others across the state for the purpose of making an education at MCS accessible to all families.  While all students are eligible to apply for and receive a scholarship, awards will be prioritized for students with a demonstrated financial need and are dependent upon the availability of scholarship dollars. The deadline for your student to apply is February 15, 2024Apply here.

Please consider making a gift to the SGO. The deadline to contribute to the SGO to impact the upcoming school year is April 15, 2024 (Tax Day). Learn more.

Tuition Assistance

MCS has limited tuition assistance funds to help families with demonstrated financial need. Please contact the Administrative office if you have questions.

Need help?

Our current families are our priority, and we want to offer opportunities for assistance. Please let us know if we can help with any issues you are having, such as:

  • Trouble logging into your FACTS Parentweb account (our district code is MCS-OH)
  • Do not have a computer or internet access
  • Questions about the packet

We are happy to assist you via email at [email protected] (please put "re-enrollment" in your email subject line) or in person at the Administrative Office during school hours of 7:30 am - 4:00 pm. You can also call the office at 614-497-3456.


MCS exists to assist parents in biblically training their children by offering succinct and consistent Christ-centered and classical academic instruction and virtue formation.