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The fine arts have been recognized for centuries as a key component in a strong liberal arts education. Contemporary research confirms the value of learning skills and developing creativity through the involvement in listening, moving, singing, playing, creating and participating in the arts. Research also confirms an increase in students’ standardized test scores compared to their peers who do not study fine arts. 

As a school that integrates biblical truths into the curriculum, we recognize that the Scriptures present the fine arts as an integral part of our total development and worship of God. The Fine Arts Department strives to instill within each student an appreciation of these disciplines as a gift from God to be used for His glory.

The Madison Christian School Fine Arts Department is unique in that it allows each student to develop the awareness that the arts are a vital part of daily life. The fine arts are the part of the educational process that fosters the creative talents and abilities of the student in expressive media. The arts are designed for spiritual, cultural, and aesthetic enrichment as well as personal satisfaction through meaningful experiences and performances in a Christ-centered environment. The arts lend themselves to individual and group participation from which the student can develop coordination skills, concentration, self-discipline, and a sense of accomplishment.


The fine arts are an integral part of the MCS elementary program.  First and foremost, the fine arts are an excellent way for students to display the talents God has given them.  Also important is that students can express themselves and show their uniqueness. Our elementary fine arts program permits students from kindergarten through 5th grade the opportunity to perform and worship through music programs, chapels, and drama productions. Our Fine Arts Nights in May is a showcase of artwork and music from various age groups and a favorite night for parents and students.


The MCS Middle and High School offers classes in the area of band, choir, and visual arts. Students have the opportunity in each area to excel in their desired field and experience opportunities in those areas that will allow them to achieve their highest potential.

MCS music students have performed locally at the Groveport Apple Butter Day and Ohio Christian University.  Theatre students have presented various plays and musicals including "Clue" and "Princess Capers".  Visual Arts students have artwork displayed at Fine Arts Night and are given opportunities to participate in church and community service by creating various commissioned projects.