Visual Arts


Elementary art students have the opportunity to use a wide variety of tools and media as they create.  The elementary school art room allows for free exploration and creative expression, as well as instruction in art concepts, terms, and techniques. Students are introduced to the many styles, cultures, and historical periods through the various masterpieces that are studied.  This combination of experiences and instruction provides students in kindergarten through 6th grade the foundation needed for the MCS junior high art curriculum.  An emphasis on using our talents to glorify God remains consistent throughout the program.

Art Activities:
  • Artist of the Week - Each week, one student artist is selected and highlighted as the Artist of the Week. The Artist of the Week has their artwork on display outside of the elementary art room and are announced on our school's social media channels reaching the MCS community.
  • Fine Arts Night | Showcase - Fine Arts Night is a special evening set aside to showcase every art student with as least one piece of their artwork.  Kindergarten to 4th grade students are a part of these art displays, but are not part of an overall art contest.
  • Fine Arts Night | Art Contest - Students in the 5th and 6th grade participate in the Fine Arts Night art contest. Guests attending the Fine Arts Night vote on submitted pieces and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place award is given to students in each grade.
  • Additional Activities - Additional activities vary from year to year, but may include an art scavenger hunt and/or letters to student artists.


The MCS Art Program offers Foundations of Art, Mixed Media, Graphic Design, and Independent Study for senior high school students. Junior high school art students are offered a variety of projects that focus on the elements and principals of design. Students are encouraged to develop creative aptitudes and their God-given talents through this coursework.

The annual MCS Art Shows take place in May during the Fine Arts Nights. The senior high school art show is on display for one week in the senior high foyer for everyone to enjoy. You will certainly want to check them out!

Additionally, students have the opportunity to enter scholarship contests throughout the school year and create a large mural/art piece that adds to the beauty of our school.

Art Activities:
  • Artist of the Week - Each week, one student artist is highlighted in the glass display case outside of the gymnasium doors in the front foyer hallway. The student's name is announced on the intercom throughout the week and their artwork is posted on social media.
  • Fine Arts Night | Showcase - 5th - 8th grade students - family voted show | Senior High - 9th through 12th grade - teacher and staff voting.
  • Set Design - Art students are encouraged to stay after school to paint play set designs for two plays per year. The juniors and seniors can earn mission hours for the time they put into painting a set.