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Parent Cue App

Sometimes, the day-to-day pace of parenting crowds out the intentional conversations we want to have with our kids. Where do we start? When do we find the time? How do we know if we’re being successful?

At Madison Christian School, we want to come alongside parents to develop students into strong Christian leaders. We are using the Parent Cue app to help you connect with your student about what they are learning in chapel, elevate essential topics of conversation, and strengthen the relational rhythm of your home (more on that below).


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The app is free, and we want everyone in our school who has a child—from a kindergartener to a 12th grader—to download it. Search for "Parent Cue" in your app store, or find the direct links at TheParentCue.org/app.

Once you download it, please create an account, add your child(ren), and connect with our school by searching for Madison Christian School under "Find My Church" with our city and zip code (Groveport 43125).

Students are divided into chapel groups based on their spiritual development stage: Primary Chapel (K-2), Elementary Chapel (3-5), MS Chapel (6-8), and HS Chapel (9-12). Chapels will be focused around a "BIG Idea" and associated memory verse which changes monthly for K-5 students, and more frequently for 6-12 students.

The Parent Cue app allows the parents to see the "BIG Idea" and associated memory verse, and provides age-specific, faith-based content families can use together. (This content will be located under each child's profile, once you have added them under the "Family" section. See examples below.)

Middle School Example Elementary Example
MS Screenshot ES Screenshot

These sections update weekly with Bible story videos, devotional experiences, and talking points based on the age of your child so you can incorporate the "BIG idea" from our chapels into everyday life.


"We desire parents to come alongside the chapel service efforts and encourage the daily devotions on the app with their students," said Director of Spiritual Formation Dr. Tim Houston.



Now, what do we mean by strengthening the relational rhythm of your home? We believe every family has a rhythm, the things we do day-in and day-out that keep us going. And these days, many of us don’t feel like we have the margin to add anything more. So instead of encouraging you to create more moments in your week to connect with your child, we can help cue you to use the times you already have.

child screenMost families experience some variation of morning times, drive times, mealtimes, and bedtimes together, so the Parent Cue app gives you 4 weekly cues for these times related to the current "BIG idea". Each cue is strategically designed for the age of your child and enables you to connect with your child's heart. 

Once you enter a child’s information, you’ll notice a countdown with your child’s profile picture—unless you’ve chosen to hide it. There are 936 weeks from the time a child is born until they turn 18 and move on to what’s next. These 936 weeks are unlike any other time in a person’s life. They lay the foundation of faith and character. They are the groundwork for establishing identity, belonging, and purpose. 

Parent Cue helps you count the weeks, so you can make the weeks count.

Use the Parent Cue app to stay connected with your child and to stay connected with Madison Christian School.