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Peace Beyond Understanding

Jenna H. (Student from the Class of 2023) reminds us that peace can be found in the midst of chaos by seeking refuge in the Father's arms.

Newton's Third Law of Motion

Mrs. Anne Gavorcik (5th & 6th Grade Teacher) explains how physical science displays God's character and how patience is indeed a virtue.

Phishers of Men?

Jillian Matheny (Academic Technology Coordinator) gives insight into online safety and becoming "fishers of men" in a 21st century educational environment.


Mrs. Amy Heeter (3rd Grade Teacher) explains how legacy is directly related to servitude.

Living in God's Story

Mr. Joshua Harris (MCS Bible Teacher) discusses the importance of God's story in our everyday lives.

A Whale of a Tale

Mrs. Christina Jones (Upper School Principal) discusses how well God takes care of us despite the decisions we make.

What Is Your Agenda?

Mrs. Kim Miller (Director of Curriculum) explains why learning the Word of God is paramount in our approach to culture.
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