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Lessons from Great Books

Philip Slonaker, Dean of Students for Grades 7-12, shares lessons learned from books read by the senior students in The Great Books: Modernity class this year.

The Hidden Mirror

Dr. Tim Houston, Director of Spiritual Development, shares how he discovered a "hidden mirror" and a truth about what children behold.

Why virtuous education?

Tim Allen, History Department Chair, explores how a virtuous education (or lack thereof) affects our government and society.

Why do we study Latin?

Jenny Leach, Upper School Latin Teacher, expands on the many benefits of studying Latin, from understanding English to gaining skills to help in every area of life.

Why do we study math?

Tavis Walker, Math and Science Department Chair, explains how studying math enriches us as people and enables us to discover greater beauty in God and His Creation.

What do you want?

Philip Slonaker, Dean of Students for Grades 7-12, presents a philosophy lesson inspired by conversations with students. He values the Classical Christian approach in teaching a more thoroughly Christian education, both in content and methodology.

Spiritual Formation

Joshua Harris, Bible Department Chair and 10th Grade Bible Teacher, and Cally James, 7th Grade Bible Teacher, share the integral role of Bible class and spiritual formation at MCS.
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